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Please fill out this form completely and as accurately as possible. The information provided will be used to promote your product. This information will be posted as it reads here onto the HP Indigo Media Locator if certified (The worldwide database of approved media solutions). Please pay special attention to your product naming. Some suggestions; do not begin the product name with an item number as this will hinder users ability to locate your substrate. Also, name it in such a way as to distinguish it from other similarly named grades (if relevant) so users know exactly what product to ask for. When identifying the regions where your product is available, it is very important that you provide us a list of stocking locations/distributors, or a URL specifically linking to this information. Include a contact person per region if possible, so we can direct customers on how to acquire your product (approved for HP Indigo) effectively.

Please note: By certifying your product this means you support its use on HP Indigo equipment and its uses, and that you will perform any due diligence necessary should complaints arise. Further, by receiving approval, you agree that if there are any manufacturing or product changes you will have the product re-tested/re-certified, to eliminate the risk of issues in the field as a result. This is to ensure continued quality results for our mutual customers.

For questions, comments, or assistance with completing this form, please contact Mike Leaty - mplasp@rit.edu

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  • Tests your substrates performance with higher ink coverages, where relevant.
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Please refer to HP Indigo Product data for press specifications at: www.hp.com/go/indigo
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